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Who are the 50+ jobseekers?

Jobseeker characteristics section image - depicting a magnifying glass examining blank pieces of a jigsaw

There are nine million people aged between 50 and state pension age in the UK. They are not a homogeneous group. Similarly, 50+ jobseekers differ from one another. Many may have held a steady job before recent redundancy. Others may have been on state benefits, experiencing short and longer term unemployment. Each will have different life experiences and different views and can be no more summed up in a few phrases than any other age group.

Stereotypes can be dangerous because they can influence the way you treat people. That said, if you are able to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, it may help you strike the right note in the support you provide if you take on board some of the more common features of 50+ jobseekers. Other sections of this tool will tell you more about how you deal with barriers arising from them.

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