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The 50+

Attitudes of the over 50s to Fuller Working Lives  This research, commissioned by the DWP, explores the attitudes of those who are currently employed, self-employed, and unemployed to later life working and retirement. It also explores the attitudes and reflections of those who are currently retired to the circumstances surrounding retirement and later life working.

50+ Lives: Cultural Perspectives.  Part of  the 50+ Lives video series, this short film  looks at extended working lives from a range of cultural perspectives.  It focuses particularly on the experiences and views of post-war migrants to the UK and their descendants.  The video series was commissioned by TAEN in 2014 as part of its European Social Fund Technical Assistance Project.

Survey of Jobseekers Aged 50+  This survey published by TAEN and the University of Edinburgh Business School in March 2013 provides useful insights into the issues the 50+ face in looking for work.

ESF Projects Successfully Engaging with the Over-50s.  This TAEN publication provides good practice examples of ESF funded projects in England which have engaged successfully with the 50+.  It provides useful tips and advice.

How ready is Jobcentre Plus to help people in their 60s find work? The JCP and Work Programme caseload will age over the next decade due to a combination of demograhpic changes and increases to State Pension Age,  This research report from DWP looks at how ready JCP is to meet the needs of claimants seeking work in their 60s.  It describes the characteristics of 60+ claimants and the barriers some of them face.

Productivity and Age.  This briefing published by Age UK in March 2014, is based on a review of the evidence on older workers and productity.  It argues that a person's age bears no relation to their ability or capability to perform the vast majority of jobs.

Age Stereotypes and Evidence of Discrimination. This TAEN factsheet gives some helpful facts about older jobseekers and debunks many of the untruths in stereotypes

Key Facts on Age, Demographics and Employment.  ThisTAEN  publication summarises key facts about demographic change, age, employment, training, retirement, pensions and savings.

The DWP Older Workers Statistical Information Booklet  2013 contains key labour market data older workers (aged 50+).  It focuses on quarter 2 in (April - June) 2012 and on trends since 2001.  rovides data on  The booklet offers a range of data including employment, self employment, flexibilities at work, unemployment and economic inactivity. Key statistics are compared by age, gender, ethnicity and disability. 

Health & safety for older workers

Did you know ... Ageing workers  Quick facts from the Health and Safety Executive

Qualitative Research into Enhanced Jobseeker's Allowance Provision for the 50+.  This DWP research report, published in August 2011, is based on 100 in depth interviews including 60 with JSA claimants aged 50-64.  It examines the experience of unemployment for older jobseekers and the particular challenges the over-50s face.

50+ back to work evidence review and indicative guide for secondary data analysis  This report presents findings from a literature review that was commissioned to provide greater insight into how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) back to work (BTW) provision supports the over 50s' return to work.

Older workers: employment preferences, barriers and solutions
This research by the Policy Studies Institute and IFF Research was commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission as part of its Working Better programme of research to explore the needs and preferences of older people in relation to work, obstacles to the achievement of those preferences and the means by which those obstacles may be overcome.

Working Better - The Over 50s, the new work generation.  The EHRC policy briefing draws on the new research and contains findings, recommendations and practical solutions for government and employers. The briefing also features case studies from both employees and employers including Centrica, Domestic & General, and West Bromwich Tool and Engineering Company, about the business benefits of an age diverse workforce.

Guide for the Older Workforce.  This guide assists information, advice and guidance (IAG) advisers in understanding the needs of this client group.

Not ready for the scrapheap – looking for work after 50.  Published by Age Concern England.

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