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supporting welfare to work providers


Your Rights to Equality at Work: When You Apply for a Job (EHRC).  Includes useful information (pages 9-11) on when prospective employers are allowed to ask questions about health and disability.

Should I Disclose a Disability to a Potential Employer? (The Careers Service/Cardiff University)

Key Facts on Health, Employment and Age (TAEN)

Ageing, Work-Related Stress and Health - Reviewing the Evidence  (Help the Aged/ TAEN)

Older Women, Work and Health - Reviewing the Evidence  (Help the Aged/ TAEN)

Older Men, Work and Health - Reviewing the Evidence  (Help the Aged/ TAEN)

Addaction brieifing on alchol, its effects and alcohol problems

Health & Safety Laboratory: An Update on the Literature on  Age and Employment.  The DWP and the Health & Safety Executive commissioned the Health & Safety Laboratory to review and update an earlier report on ager age-related effects on employment.  The updated report considers health and life expectancy trends, age and productivity, age and ill health, age and cognitive capacity, age and physical strength and endurance, age and sensory abilities, age and adaption to change, age and levels of sickness absence, age and accident rates in the work place, among other topics.

Click on the links below for information about common physical health conditions

Heart conditions
British Heart Foundation

Blood pressure
Blood Pressure UK

Arthritis Care

Asthma UK

Diabetes UK

Click on the link below for information on learning disabilities

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

Click on the links for information and guidance about common mental health conditions

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has launched the Work and Mental Health website which offers offfer information and guidance about mental health in the workplace. The website is divided into four main parts and is aimed at  .

Workers - planning to start work, make changes to help them stay in work or to return to work when recovering from a period of mental ill-health
Employers - looking to support their employees or colleagues at work so that they remain productive
Clinicians - developing and supporting their patients' care plans to combine work with recovery from mental ill-health.
Carers - helpful information for then when the person they care for is preparing to start or return to work.

Each section signposts relevant information and provides links to resources from other organisations.

Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health

Mental Health A-Z (Mental Health Foundation)

Depression and anxiety
Mental Health Foundation

Alcohol misuse
Alcoholics Anonymous

Bipolar disorder

Anxiety disorders

Personality disorders

Substance misuse
Mental Health Foundation
Narcotics Anonymous

DWP research: Better employment support for people with a mental health condition
Realising ambitions


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