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supporting welfare to work providers

Customer journey

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This section focuses on how you can tailor your service to the needs of your 50+ customers and help them select realistic work options and secure sustainable employment.

You may be required by your organisation to offer part or all of your service to an age-diverse group or solely to customers that are aged 50+. But whichever support contract your organisation delivers, it will contain similar elements to this basic customer journey model.

Flowchart of typical customer journey

Flowchart of typical customer journey

You need to give information and advice to your customers throughout their journey and help them cope with change as they progress. Ensure you build in review processes at the various stages of the journey.

Experienced practitioners working with 50+ customers have indicated that:

  • the journey must be customer-centred (enabling the customer to make the decisions)
  • the process must be clearly described at the outset so your customers know and agree with what is happening and when, and what is expected of them.

You have a critical role in helping your customers make informed choices about their return to work. You may find this checklist of action points helpful.

The customer journey: checklist

  • Making a connection with your 50+ customer
  • Establishing mutual trust and respect
  • Explaining personal information obtained will be treated as confidential
  • Getting your customer to open up to you
  • Recognising their strengths and saleable/transferable skills
  • Helping them identify barriers and challenges
  • Identifying how susceptible they are to change
  • Setting realistic aspirations and goals
  • Establishing how much help they are going to need
  • Helping your customer cope with change
  • Implementing strategies for tackling or addressing challenges
  • Reinforcing positive attitudes and behaviour
  • Encouraging them to be open to new ideas and methods
  • Gaining their commitment to working towards a job goal
  • Dealing positively with any setbacks or concerns
  • Helping them stay focused on achieving their aspiration and goals

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